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10.5" Geissele HK416 Gel Blaster Metal Handguard Revision A - US Navy SEAL Style

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The pinnacle of realism and performance in gel blaster accessories the 10.5" Geissele HK416 Metal Handguard Revision A is inspired by the elite US Navy SEALs. Crafted with precision and designed for unparalleled authenticity, this handguard elevates your gel blaster experience to new heights.

Constructed from high-quality metal, this handguard boasts exceptional durability and ruggedness, ensuring it can withstand even the most demanding of missions. The 10.5" length perfectly replicates the iconic look of the HK416 used by elite military units worldwide, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of tactical combat like never before.

The Geissele HK416 Handguard is not only about aesthetics; it's engineered for performance. With meticulous attention to detail, it seamlessly integrates with your gel blaster, providing a comfortable grip and precise handling. Its ergonomic design enhances maneuverability, allowing you to swiftly navigate any environment with confidence and precision.

With both picatinny and M-Lok rail capability this handguard give you more options for attaching your accessories.

Suits: Double Bell HK416 AEG models & LDT Warinterest HK416 AEG models.

Material: CNC aluminum alloy
Colour: Black/Dark Earth
Finish: Ultra Matte 

Size: 10.5 Inches

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