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Action Army - AAP-01 - Ruger Style Frame - Fully Automatic GBB Gel Blaster Pistol - Black & Grey

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*This item is restricted for sale in Queensland only – please see Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping restriction details below.

The Action Army AAP-01 Ruger is here, it's the first of it's style to be introduced to Australia. These are true performers and have a good old 'magic' switch to go full auto if you feel the need for speed! 

The AAP Ruger is modelled on the famous .22 & .45 Ruger. Often referred to as the 'Assassin's Pistol of Choice'. It featured as the primary weapon in the movie Titled 'Assassins' starring Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas in the early 2000s. 

The AAP-01 is very similar to the WE Tech AAP Galaxy pistol. The AAP-01 comes with a broad array of CNC Aftermarket Accessories, including a Carbine Kit. ViperTac will be carrying a number of these CNC Accessories so you can truly make your pistol stand out as yours!*

Some of the accessories that ViperTac carry are:

  • CNC Receiver Tops
  • CNC Outer Barrels
  • CNC Bolt Loops
  • CNC Optic Sights
  • Compatible Holster - CYTAC Mega-Fit Holster fits perfectly (even when dressed in CNC Kit with the Fibre Optic sights fitted too)
  • TTI short stroke kits 
  • TTI Competition triggers
  • TTI upgrade Piston heads
  • Deadshot custom tightbore barrels (7.08mm)


  • Model: AAP-01 Ruger .22 / .45cal 
  • Released: August 2021
  • Type: Gas Powered
  • Gas Type: Green gas
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic / Full-Automatic / Safe
  • Material: Nylon Exterior with metal working parts 
  • Durable Receiver Body and Firing Bolt
  • Nylon receiver, pistol grip lower & outer barrel
  • Alloy Inner Barrel:  inner diameter size: 7.3mm
  • Gas blowback 
  • Magazine Capacity: approximately 15 Gel Balls - suitable G17 magazines are Double Bell, Armorers Works and WE Tech G17 magazines. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x AAP-01 Ruger Gas-Powered Gel Blaster - Black & Grey
  • 1 x G17 Green gas Magazine
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

* Note: Photographs used for illustrative purposes only. The AAP Ruger has a black pistol grip lower & black accents, and comes with standard nylon sights and a standard G17 Style Magazine. Other products and accessories pictured are sold separately.

Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping Restrictions

Gel Blasters are a restricted item in all states and territories of Australia except Queensland. Gel blasters are therefore unable to be purchased from our site by customers residing outside of Queensland. If you reside outside of Queensland and add a gel blaster to your cart it will automatically be blocked and will not allow you to check out.

For further information on the laws regarding gel blasters in your state or territory see the following links: ACT , NSW , VIC , SA , WA , NT , TAS , QLD .

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