AZTECH Air Pressure Activated Cylinder Head Engine (APACHE)

Product Description

How does a perfect seal and no tappet plate or return spring sound?

Here it is, the APACHE!  The first of its kind in the world, all air controlled. No forks or prongs to retract the nozzles, No timing issues, No broken return springs and no broken tappet plates and best of all no fps droop on high rate of fire.

The all in one sealed cylinder head ensures perfect seal for max air flow and zero air loss with out any mechanical gear driven parts to create issues.

To prevent the risk of damaging the APACHE nozzle we suggest you do not fire the apache with the upper receiver off.


  • No timing issues... ever!
  • Unique sound where everyone will know you are running an APACHE
  • No more broken return springs
  • No FPS loss from semi to auto modes
  • Adjustable nozzle length (4mm of adjustment)
  • Tappet plate and return spring no longer required
  • Includes spare spring, 2mm and 3mm sorbro pads

Tested and proven to feed perfectly, zero fps drop from semi to auto all the way up to 75 rps at over 400 fps.

We see on average 10% fps drop in power from a well sealed strong return spring tappet plate system but there are no timing adjustments needed for any rate of fire up to 75 rps.

  • Lower and upper made from CNC 6061 aluminium
  • Nozzle made from CNC 7075 aluminium
  • All seals are nitrile 70 duro rubber
  • Anodized finish

Spare parts are also available 

Available for most Gel Blasters with V2 gearboxes using a universal T piece or the new Aztech Xtreme adjustable T-piece 

-Aztech Scythe CNC

-APS Silveredge V2

-Wells V2

-Retroarms CNC V2

-War Interest V2

-LDT LDX Split box V2

-Classic Army V2

-MK Engineering CNC V2 please note the MK Hybrid92 does not suit APACHE 

-MK Engineering CNC Modular V2


-APS V3, use either V2 nozzle and universal T piece or adjustable base and V3 nozzle top

The below applications will require a universal t-piece and potential modifications for alignment and fitment

-SLR -may require different outer barrel adaptor and T piece

-Gen 8, 9 and gen10 JinMing gearbox - yet to be determined.

-Red Dragon (XYL ARP9)- may require different outer barrel adaptor and T-piece

-Cyma- may require different outer barrel adaptor and T piece with possible receiver modifications


Unboxing and break down of the APACHE Air Pressure Activated Cylinder Head Engine
Unboxing Video

How to install the APACHE specific to the Aztech SCYTHE CNC gearbox and the APS Silveredge Gearbox
APS/Scythe Assembly Video

How to install the APACHE specific to V2 variant gearboxes including Wells, CYMA, Classic Army etc.

V2 Variant Assembly Video

How to tune the nozzle tip to suit different power and levels of blaster modification
Rubber tip tuning for best performance


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