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Aztech Innovations - Muzzletek V2 Hop System

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The Aztech Innovations Muzzletek V2 Hop System is a perfect choice for your gel blaster. This metal hop up unit is designed to look like a suppressor and can work with a tracer. It features a CNC-machined, 6065 aluminum outer casing and an injection-molded ABS inner. The tool-free adjustment and 14mm counter-clockwise outlet provide both convenience and versatility.


  • Suits blasters with up to 12mm of inner barrel protruding from outer barrel.* 
  • CNC machined outer casing from 6065 aluminum
  • Injection molded ABS inner, tool-free adjustment
  • 14mm counter clockwise outlet for additional accessory fitment i.e. tracer unit or amplifier
  • CNC Cap to cover accessory thread if not used
  • Aztech have made the V2 to be the identical outer diameter as the G&G Armament & Acetech Lighter C tracer unit so once fitted it looks like a suppressor unit.

Long Rifle version Fitment Instructions:

  • Thread the Muzzletek in a reverse direct until threaded all the way on (maximum of 12mm) making sure to be careful that the inner barrel doesn't make contact with the rear of the internal tongue. If it does make contact, unwind the hop until it has clearance.
  • It more than likely you will not have perfect rotation alignment to set the hop ramp at 12 o'clock.
  • Rotate to set the alignment correctly then use the side grub screws to hold the Muzzletek firmly in the correct position.
  • To adjust the hop up, Turn the slotted end cap to lower the hop ramp, the cap rotates just 90 degrees offering 8 settings.
  • If a permanent fixture we would recommend using a low strength loctite to hold the side grub screws in place and if you wish a small amount on the main thread from hop to out barrel.

Adjust through rotating front adjuster ring of the hopup housing.

* Note: if the barrel protrudes more than 12mm you will need to trim your inner barrel to 12mm maximum, otherwise the hop adjustment tongue will be forced out. This does not fall under warranty return or exchange in this case. By purchasing this product, you have accepted that some minor modification is potentially needed. 

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