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Classic Army - SA58 FN FAL SLR AEG Full Size Gel Blaster Rifle Replica

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A replica of one of the legendary assault rifles issued by the majority of the NATO countries during the Cold War period.  Made with high precision and attention to detail by the JG company – it is an interesting alternative for shooters who are bored with the replicas of the weapons which are the standard issue of the American or Russian army. This is very similar to the style of FNFAL SLR L1A1 made under licence by Lithgow Arms in Australia which was the primary service weapon for the Australian Defence Force and was used in active service in Vietnam in the 1960-70s conflict. The L1A1 SLR (FNFAL) was slightly different in some features including being manufactured with wooden furniture a different gas block, iron sights, a folding cocking handle and no picatinny rails. 

This version of the FNFAL was the service weapon in use by the South African Defence Forces and the Rhodesian SAS. It saw active service in the Rwandan Conflict amongst others.  

The replica is equipped with a functional bolt carrier and a functional bolt catch lever. A blow-back system which significantly increases the realism and is quite satisfying when it’s in mid-battle.

FPS 320+


  • Proprietary Metal V3 Gearbox
  • Metal Receiver
  • Polymer Handguard + Stock
  • Metal Gears
  • Metal Anti Reverse Latch
  • Piston w/Metal Tooth Rack
  • Cocking Handle
  • Blow Back function
  • Large Magazine Capacity


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