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Xtac Boom Gels

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Boom is the latest and hardest Gel that is at least 2 X harder than any gel ammo available in the market. Crush testing has seen an average 7.5-8.9 KG pressing power required to crush a fully developed Boom Gel.

Manufactured with the latest SAP technology, Boom is built and formulated to be size consistent, solid and weighted for stable trajectory and to work perfectly with any GBB Blasters.

Boom is made with the latest developed sodium polyacrylate. The material has a much higher density than its predecessor and grows stably to around 7.3mm.

The latest testing has seen Boom staying at its hardest form for days in water. Therefore being stored in water, it remains ready for use after being hydrated sufficiently even days after.

Boom is eco-friendly, degradable, and non-toxic, an ideal ammo to outperform in action.

Each pack has 100grams of gels. Roughly between 7000 - 8000 gels. 

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