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T238 Digital Trigger (DTU) V1.7 Programmable Electronic MOSFET for Gel Ball V2 Gearbox

Product Description
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This electronic fire control module is a programmable MOSFET designed for V2 gel blaster gearboxes.

It has a variety of personalised programmable functions such as ladder return, single-stroke, double-stroke, and multiple bursts. In addition, it also has low-voltage battery protection and gearbox stall protection functions, which can effectively improve the stability, rate of fire, and response speed of the gearbox.

The module uses a maximum of 14.8V battery, which needs to be soldered and wired.

Programmable Multiple Shooting Modes:

SAFE mode - the same as the original. Under the action of the gearbox thrust rod, the switch release cannot be pulled.

SEMI mode. This mode can be programmed to achieve single shot, double stroke single shot and 3 to 6 consecutive shots. The default is single shot.

AUTO mode. This mode can be programmed to achieve bursts, 3 bursts, 6 bursts, and 9 bursts. The default burst is full auto.

Supports up to 240A starting current and 100A braking current.

V2 gearbox suitable for the standards of XWE M4, JM Gen.9, FB, Kublai, JingJie, CYMA, APS, Double Bell, Classic Army

Full light sense without contact and wear, with silver-plated wire set and plug connector; support adjustment of trigger sensitivity and AUG mode.

Note: This product requires soldering and wiring. It is recommended that installation is undertaken by an experienced technician. Damage caused during installation by anyone other than an authorised ViperTac technician may void the warranty.

Material: Nylon + Electronic Components + Wire Rod
Product Weight: 90g
Package Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 4cm
Package Weight: 100g
Packing: Box

Package Includes:
1 x Fire Control Module
1 x Manual
1 x Component Pack

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