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M249 LMG SAW - Fire Cow - Custom Built HPA

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The HPA Fire Cow M249 has arrived.  

Tucked away up in the front of the M249 undercarriage is a metal Bipod that can be swung down and locked into position when setting up to provide cover fire for your teammates. Furthermore, the Metal Bipod legs are height adjustable and mounted on the top of the M249 is a foldaway Metal/Nylon carry handle

The appeal to most players for the M249 Gel Blaster is its massive Magazine and Gel Ball holding ability. The M249 can hold approximately 1000 rounds of 7-8mm Gel Balls.


We also paint the orange barrel as a courtesy for our customers  

  • Model: M249 (LMG)
  • Released: March 2021
  • Type: Automatic / Battery Operated
  • Firing Modes: Full Auto
  • High Quality Nylon Construction
  • Nylon Gearbox fitted with a Polarstar Jack v1.1
  • HPA In-Grip Line (IGL) attached via pistol grip for continuous air feed*
  • Nylon Receiver
  • Nylon Buttstock
  • Alloy Inner Barrel
  • Box Mag Fed
  • Mag Capacity: Approx 1000 Gel Balls
  • Metal Trigger Guard
  • Strong Metal Carry Handle
  • Lock-in Adjustable Carry Handle
  • Foldable Metal Bipod with 3 height settings
  • Strong Metal Bipod Bracket
  • Sling Attachment Points
  • Removable Muzzle


1 x M249 SAW 

1 x Polarstar Jack

1 x HPA battery 

1 x USB Charger

1 x Box Magazine 

* HPA Blaster does not include Polarstar 42” Braided air line, Micro-Regulator or Air Tank . These items are sold separately  


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