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Daniel Defense Genuine 'Real Steel' Enhanced M4 Furniture - GBBR Gel Blaster Pistol Grip with Integrated Trigger Guard

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ViperTac & Daniel Defense Australia are proud to bring you Genuine DD Enhanced M4 Furniture to the Gel Blaster Community. We are very fortunate to have this relationship and it benefits all Gelsoft players & definitely collectors. This DD M4 Enhanced Furniture Pistol Grip with integrated trigger guard is the real deal and will make your blaster look like an authentic 1:1 DD replica with the real gear on your prized possession!

The Daniel Defense Enhanced tactical pistol grip is suitable for all Golden Eagle GBBR M4 Receivers.* It comes with an integrated trigger guard, that gives it a very stylish look. The grip is super comfortable, and feels like a revolver grip, it is designed for ambidextrous use and has thumb grooves on both sides. 

The anti-slip design provides solid grip and control. The black material is a non-slip rubber. 

Material: Resin & rubber 


  • Compatible with all Golden Eagle GBBR M4 gel blaster rifles
  • NOT compatible with AEG M4 Rifles 

Are modifications necessary?

No! There are no modifications necessary, as the GE DD GBBR is a 1:1 Scale, the Daniel Defense Enhanced Pistol Grip fits straight on the receiver, no special tools or sanding is required. It is literally 'plug & play'! 

Installation Instructions:

  1. Begin by removing the pre-existing Trigger Guard: To remove the trigger guard from the front of the receiver, there is a fixed spring-loaded retention pin. Simply use a small tool & lightly depress the visible pin where the trigger guard is anchored on the receiver. (there is only one side to do this) and the trigger guard will come free from it's attachment point on the receiver (the pin is fixed, so you will not lose any parts).
  2. Remove your pre-existing pistol grip: Using a hex key, unscrew the hex bolt from the base of the pistol grip. Be sure and keep this hex bolt & washer as you will require this for the new grip. Place to one side (be careful, as there is a nut seated in the pistol grip attatchment point on the receiver. This nut is not fixed, and you will need it for step 3.
  3. Fit the new DD Enhanced Pistol Grip into place: Place the new DD Enhanced Pistol grip with integrated trigger guard onto the receiver, and (using the washer & screw placed aside earlier), using the same Allen Key, screw the washer & hex bolt into the base of the pistol grip firmly onto your GBBR. Take care not to overtighten the screw. 
  4. Attach the integrated trigger guard to the receiver: Lastly, to fit the integrated trigger guard, simply depress the fixed spring detent on the receiver, and slot your trigger guard in, checking it is firmly in place. That's it, enjoy your new furniture! 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Authentic Daniel Defense M4 GBBR Gel Blaster Rifle Pistol Grip - Black, 
  • 1 x Daniel Defense 'DD' Embossed pistol grip base
  • 1 x Daniel Defense Box with 

* Buyers Note: This Daniel Defense pistol grip is for Gas Blowback Rifles (GBBR) only. These are not compatible with AEG (electric) gel blasters in any way. They are too narrow to be modified to fit an AEG Motor.

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