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Golden Eagle Gas Blow Back Rifle (GBBR) M4 Gel Blaster Rifle Tight Bore Barrel - Deadshot Performance

Product Description
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This Deadshot Performance Tight Bore barrel is suitable for Gas Blow Back Rifle (GBBR) gel blasters. These hand machined and polished brass tight bore barrels are 210mm in length and have an inner diameter of 7.08mm. These are a must for shooters who want to get more FPS and performance out of their GBBR rifle*.

This Deadshot Tightbore barrel is made for the new GE GBBR M4 Rifles and are exclusive to ViperTac. The GBBR M4 does not have a T-Piece, it's a feed ramp and this barrel is designed specifically to replace the standard 7.5mm inner barrel which is seated in bucking (similar to Gas Blowback pistols). instead of a T-piece as used in AEG blasters. 

FPS testing with the Deadshot Performance Tight Bore Barrel is 385+FPS. 

Available in standard or inbuilt hopup variants.


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