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Puff Dino ‘Powerup’ 14KG - Gel Blaster Gas (IN STORE PICK-UP ONLY)

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Please note: Pressurised gas cannot be sent through the mail. This item is available for instore pick-up only. No mail orders permitted. Purchases with mail order will be refunded less any applicable transaction fees. No exceptions. 

If you live in a remote area, we suggest you consider purchasing a 'Propane Gas Adapter'. This is able to be used with MAPP Gas which is readily available from any good Hardware store.

The whole new powerup gas with 14KG pressure* offers a stable and consistent response and improves slide travel time meaning more shots down range quickly. Even in winter, you can enjoy enough power for using gel blasters in most environments.

PUFF DINO Green Gas is manufactured by the leading manufacturer of aerosol products in Taiwan. PUFF DINO gas is produced from an ISO 9001 certificated facility, so it is of high quality.
Puff Dino Green Gas has added suitable silicone oil to aid lubricant and power of every shot.


  • This product is high power quality gas that is perfectly mixed with silicon to improve your gel blaster performance.
  • The added silicon will protect your blaster; lubricate the internal parts while you are shooting and provide consistency in every shooting experience you have.
  • Silicon is added as pure liquefied gas will cause an instant chilling effect right after leave the pressurized cylinder and making plastic/rubber parts weakened and brittle.
  • With high-quality silicone added, it will help to prevent parts from aging quickly. Therefore enhances longevity, provides maintenance and smoothness in shooting.
  • This will also save you from time-consuming process like separating internal parts to maintain them individually.
  • The metal nozzle design will increase the life of usage and prevent leakage of green gas. By using green gas, our product is eco-friendly and harmless to the environment.


  • Hold the green gas cylinder upside down and press the cylinder nozzle straight down into the magazine valve (gently so as not to damage your magazine gas inlet valve). 
  • Once you see the green gas leak out from the magazine valve; you can stop filling.
  • The effectiveness of gas pressure will differ due to ambient temperatures (cold vs hot environments).


  • Volume: 560ml
  • 14 KG Pressure rating
  • Packaging: 1.
  • Ingredient : C3H8, Silicone Oil.
* We recommend customers check that their gas blasters are able to use 14KG gas before purchasing this product. If in doubt, we always recommend the use of 12KG gas only.

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