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Double Bell - K-55 GP-25 Grenade Launcher Gel Blaster Replica - for AK gel blaster rifles

Product Description
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Double Bell K55 GP-25 Gel Blaster Grenade Launcher Replica. This authentic Gel Blaster Grenade Launcher is designed for use with the famous Eastern Bloc AK47 & AK74 by mounting directly to the gel blaster. 

K-55A Grenade Launcher Replica for AK Replicas

A replica of a classic, Soviet under barrel grenade launcher , fed with 42 mm Green Gas grenades. The grenade launcher has an integrated mount that enables attaching it underbarrel of many types of AK carbines without the use of any tools. The entirety, aside from the pistol grip, was made of metal.It features a safety as well as adjustable iron sights. Complete with Russian Markings.

The set includes a 42mm CNC Gel Grenade powered by Green Gas with a capacity of +/-18 gel balls 

Suitable for APS and Double Bell ‘Real Wood’ AK Versions*

  • Brand: Double Bell 
  • Model: GP-25 Grenade Launcher (K-55)
  • Released: January 2022
  • Type: Green Gas Powered Grenade
  • Gas Type: 12KG Green Gas
  • Material: Metal and Nylon
  • Full Metal Launching Tube with Polymer Pump / Hand Guard
  • Calibre: 42mm low velocity
  • Grenade Capacity: 1 x Gel Grenade Single-shot, Pump operated loading manual action
  • Firing Mechanism: Trigger operated, Single-shot
  • Safety: Yes, metal safety lever in front of trigger, manual operation 
  • Barrel Length: Not applicable 
  • Grenade Gel Capacity: Approx +/- 18 Gel Balls (loaded into the grenade gel tubes)


  • Up to 300 Feet per Second


  • Length: 300mm 
  • Width: 8cm
  • Weight: 1360g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x GP-25 Grenade Launcher K-55 Green Gas Powered Gel Blaster (Black)
  • 1 x GP-25 42mm CNC Green gas Grenade
  • 1 x 500 Pack of Gels
  • 1 x Nylon Carry Case

* Note: please contact us if not certain this will fit your model of AK47 or AK74.


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