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Holster - For full-size Glock G-Series & APS Gel Blaster Pistol with Belt & Paddle Attachments - Basic

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This is a basic 'level 1' safety holster, constructed of Polymer to suit Gas Blowback (GBB) full-sized Glock 17 model gel blaster pistols. This is also suitable for any popular full-sized gas blowback Glock variant, such as a G18/G18c/G22/G34/G35 etc. 


This holster is suitable for:

  • Double Bell - full G Series Glocks including TTI models
  • E&C - G-Series Glocks
  • Armorer Works - VX series models
  • WE Tech: G-Series Glocks - G17/G18c)G22/G34/G35 Platform gel blaster pistols
  • WE Tech: GP1799 model gel blaster pistols
  • APS - Glock style models - including XTP/Shark/Hornet/Bumblebee; etc
  • Kublai - P1 & P1S


  • Flashlight capable: Not capable
  • Push button single trigger guard safety (level 1) index finger release.
  • Position: Right-handed
  • Mounting attachment points: Belt Loop & Paddle Attachment*
  • Colour: Black or Tan - attachments are provided in the same colour as the holster (e.g. tan holster + tan paddle + tan belt tensioning clips)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Holster - For full-size Glock G-Series & APS Gel Blaster Pistol with Belt Loops fitted - Basic
  • 1 x Paddle attachment & 2 x Belt Tensioning Clips

* Note: Paddle attachment allows for easy fitment to your belt or pants as the paddle can be used without a belt, it sits upon your waistband in your pants/shorts/uniform. 

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