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iHobby Blue - Extreme Hardened Formula Gel Balls - Suitable for Tightbore Barrels

Product Description
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Experience superior accuracy and power with iHobby Extreme Hardened Formula Gel Balls. Designed to be used for competitions or casual play, they are made with a non-toxic frosted white formula that can withstand gas powered tightbore barreled gel blasters.

Designed to be super strong and durable and boy do they pack a punch! Make every shot count with this powerful gel ball.
  • Consistent Size, Accurate and Fast 
  • Frosted White
  • Approx. 10,000 gels per pack (90 gram packet)
  • Packet style can vary slightly from pictures

Growing Instructions:

Always soak in clean room temperature water fully submerged for 1 hour and 45 minutes to achieve  7.2-7.5mm size gels  

If you want to incrementally increase gel size, continue growth for an additional 15 minutes; Recheck size, If still not the right size, continue checking size every 15 minutes until your gels are ready  Record the time & then 

Caution: Gels may bounce back. Do not fire gels without eye protection.

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