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Mosin–Nagant M1891 Dragoon Manual Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle

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*This item is restricted for sale in Queensland only – please see Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping restriction details below.

Step into the world of historical warfare with the Mosin–Nagant M1891 Dragoon Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle. This meticulously crafted gel blaster combines classic design with modern blaster technology, providing enthusiasts and collectors with an authentic and exhilarating experience.

Design & Build

Inspired by the iconic Mosin–Nagant Dragoon rifle used by the Russian military in the early 20th century, this gel blaster features a detailed and realistic design. The wood grain finish and metal components mimic the original rifle, delivering a vintage aesthetic that stands out in any collection. The sturdy build ensures durability, while the ergonomic stock provides comfortable handling during extended play sessions.


Equipped with a high-powered spring mechanism, the M1891 Dragoon Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle delivers impressive range and accuracy. The precision-engineered barrel enhances the trajectory of the gel balls, allowing for pinpoint shots up to 20 meters. Whether you're targeting cans in your backyard or engaging in a competitive gel blaster skirmish, this sniper rifle offers reliable performance.


  • Authentic Design: Realistic wood grain and metal detailing for an authentic look and feel.
  • High-Powered Spring Mechanism: Ensures powerful and consistent shots.
  • Precision Barrel: Enhances accuracy for long-range shooting.
  • Ergonomic Stock: Provides comfort and stability during use.
  • Easy Loading System: Quick and simple to reload for uninterrupted play.

Safe and Fun

The Mosin–Nagant M1891 Dragoon Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic gel balls, making it a safe choice for all ages. The gel balls burst upon impact, leaving no mess behind and ensuring a clean and enjoyable shooting experience.

Ideal For

  • Collectors: A must-have addition to any historical weapon collection.
  • Reenactors: Perfect for bringing historical battles to life.
  • Gel Blaster Enthusiasts: Offers a unique and exciting option for gel blaster games.
  • Gift Givers: An impressive gift for fans of military history and gel blaster sports.


  • Brand: Hanke
  • Material: Wood grain finish, metal components
  • Mechanism: High-powered spring
  • Range: Up to 20 meters
  • Ammunition: Gel balls
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 123 cm length

Bring history to life with the Mosin–Nagant M1891 Dragoon Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle. Whether for play or display, this gel blaster delivers a powerful combination of realism and performance.

Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping Restrictions

Gel Blasters are a restricted item in all states and territories of Australia except Queensland. Gel blasters are therefore unable to be purchased from our site by customers residing outside of Queensland. If you reside outside of Queensland and add a gel blaster to your cart it will automatically be blocked and will not allow you to check out.

For further information on the laws regarding gel blasters in your state or territory see the following links: ACT , NSW , VIC , SA , WA , NT , TAS , QLD .



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