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Laylax Prometheus EG Wide-Use Gears 13:1 / 18:1

Product Description
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LayLax has redesigned and improved upon the previous designs of Prometheus gear sets. The shape and dimensions have been fine-tuned with tight tolerances and are compatible with a wide range of gearbox platforms.

Each gear has unique PROMETHEUS brand Logo.

The bevel gear has 10 teeth for quicker semi-auto trigger response.

  • Higher Semi-Auto response
  • Wide Compatibility with various Models
  • Cleared the 30,000 round durability performance test

 Available in Standard Gears (18:1 Gear ratio) and High Speed Gears (13:1 Gear ratio)


The Prometheus Wide Use Gears 13:1/18:1 Gearsets are rated for 330 FPS. These gearsets are not tested on higher stress setups and therefore are not recommended for such. Please refer to the Prometheus EG Hard Gear series instead for higher stress builds.

Set Includes:

  • Sector Gear ×1
  • Spur Gear ×1
  • Bevel Gear ×1
  • Shim 0.1mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.2mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.3mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.5mm ×6 pcs

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