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Retro Arms CNC 21.3mm Nozzle

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The Retro Arms CNC 21.3mm Nozzle is a precision-engineered solution for optimising your gel blaster’s performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using high-grade CNC machined aluminum, this nozzle is designed to deliver unparalleled consistency and reliability on the battlefield.

The Retro Arms CNC 21.3mm Nozzle is specifically engineered to provide a perfect air seal, ensuring maximum efficiency with every shot. Its precise dimensions guarantee a seamless fit into compatible gelsoft rifles, eliminating air leakage and maximising the blaster's power output.

Designed for compatibility with a wide range of gelsoft guns**, this nozzle is a versatile upgrade suitable for both stock and upgraded internals. Whether you're fine-tuning your weapon for competitive play or enhancing its reliability during intense skirmishes, this nozzle is the ultimate choice for discerning gelsoft enthusiasts.

With its durable construction and precision engineering, the Retro Arms CNC 21.3mm Nozzle offers longevity and performance that you can rely on, shot after shot. Elevate your gelsoft game to new heights with this essential upgrade. Dominate the battlefield with confidence, knowing that your weapon is equipped with the finest components available.

**Suitable for the RetroArms or SHS V2 Cylinder Head.

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