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K - SL Navy SEAL Buttstock

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SL Navy SEAL Buttstock*

This unique butt stock has great features. It is the new ‘must have’ especially for players who don’t carry much gear. This butt stock will fit standard  M4 buffer tubes and has the following features:

Huge Battery Compartment- Similar to the Navy Crane butt stock, has an incredibly easy to open rear access battery compartment - capable of taking a Titan  11.1v 6000 mAh 3 x Nunchuckss battery with ease. Whilst remaining firmly closed after fitting batteries.

Magazine Well - this butt stock can hold a spare M4 magazine and has a mag release fitted. Holds CYMA, Double Bell, Gen 8, Gen 9, Warinterest tracer, PMags, SLR and even drum mags (if you really want to!)**

* Does not work with AK magazines or ARP9/HK UMP/ Mp5, Suitable for M4 magazines only. 
** magazine used for illustrative purposes only. Does not include a magazine. 

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