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ARP9 XYL - Little Moon - V4 Upgrade Mosfet

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The XYL Little Moon ARP9 V2 and V3 mosfet is no longer in production. However, you can replace or upgrade your existing XYL Little Moon ARP9 V2 - V3.5 to a V4 mosfet.

The XYL V4 Mosfet is a plug and play direct replacement for any Pre-existing XYL V2 or V3.5 mosfet*. No additional modifications are required**

The ARP9 V4 Mosfet functionality provides (in semi-auto mode):

  • Semi-Automatic function 
  • 4 round burst function 
  • Binary trigger function (fires when trigger pulled and fires upon release)
  • constant active braking function 

These are rated for use with 11.1v batteries, comes fitted with a mini tamiya battery connector.

*Not suitable for HLF ARP9s.

**please be aware that if self-installing and incorrectly soldered/installed or damaged warranty is in accordance with our warranty policy at

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