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MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is widely used on many electronic devices as switches. For the case of a gel blaster it is used for regulating the electrical circuit and programming the blaster to do several things that would be impossible to do otherwise. In other words you could say that installing a MOSFET is akin to adding an electronic brain (Electronic Trigger System) into your blaster.

When a MOSFET is installed, it essentially completes the circuit by default, replacing the traditional mechanical trigger switch and bypassing it. The trigger switch now instead acts as an electronic signal provider to the MOSFET telling the trigger is now pulled and starting the operation of the gearbox. 

A MOSFET typically comes with the Active Brake function. Active Brake is a feature that stops the motor from spinning immediately after the trigger is released. This Allows the gear system to work with perfect precision with every single trigger pull. This eliminates the “burst” or “full auto” issue in Semi-auto commonly found with stock gearbox using 11.1v battery and will give a super snappy semi-auto firing.

The trigger response will feel really tactile and awesome to pull since the trigger switch mechanism is now replaced with a microswitch that is more clicky  and your blaster will work more efficiently. 

Furthermore some MOSFETs are programable meaning that you can customise your blaster firing modes such as the 3-5 burst fire, Turbo Shot (double firing on the trigger pull and release action), enabling you to have an advantage in CQB or SQB matches that don’t allow Full Auto. But of course this is all subject to change with the competition’s rules and regulations.

MOSFET for gel blaster also comes in different types or manufacturers but typically they utilise either Magnet or Optic sensors to work with the system.


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