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Warranty Policy

All gel blasters purchased as new from ViperTac come with a 30 day limited warranty to cover manufacturing faults.

Warranty terms for upgrades and custom builds performed by ViperTac authorised technicians are dependent upon the specifications of the work to be undertaken and will be advised at the time of consultation.

All warranty claims must be accompanied with proof of purchase and a detailed description of the fault. It is the customers responsibility to return the goods to the place of purchase at their expense.

Items found to be faulty under the warranty will be either repaired or replaced at no additional cost. Any items returned to us claiming to be faulty, however found to be in fully functional working order will incur a fee to cover return postage (if required).   

The Warranty will cover:

  1. Any manufacturing faults associated with internal parts or mechanisms
  2. The blaster not functioning as intended i.e., malfunction, jam, etc.
  3. Faulty external components

 The Warranty does not cover:

  • Normal 'wear and tear' to mechanical parts whilst using the product.
  • The item has been damaged, marked, or modified by the customer, including opening and tampering with the internal componentry, changing springs, altering battery connectors; etc.
  • Incorrect use, man-made damage, or abuse, i.e. Excessive or negligent use of the blaster not recommended by the manufacturer or us.
  • Any improper care or maintenance of the gearbox, motor etc.
  • Use of a battery that is greater in voltage and/or amperage than recommended for the specific blaster.
  • Use of a higher weight of gas than specified for the particular gel blaster.
  • Internal moisture damage due to not draining gels sufficiently or firing the blaster upside down causing water leakage into the internal electronic componentry.
  • Improper storage of a product e.g., exposure to rain, damp conditions etc.

Warranty will be deemed void if:

  • Proof of purchase from ViperTac cannot be verified. We will do our best to look for your sales information, but ultimately it is the customers responsibility to retain the purchase receipt.
  • Any blaster found to be physically damaged by user neglect or interference, either internally or externally; upgraded or modified (unless performed by an authorised ViperTac technician); opened or attempted to be opened; used in a manner not in accordance with the manufacturer specifications for its intended use, including but not limited to the use of BB’s, metal, plastic or other projectiles other than gel blaster ammunition will void the warranty.

Please be advised that due to the nature of the product, regular and extended use of a gel blaster will cause wear on internal components and will require maintenance. If your blaster is no longer covered under the warranty, but you would like a repair or service please contact us and we would be happy to assist. 

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