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Explore our diverse selection of high-quality sights and scopes, each crafted to deliver unparalleled clarity and precision in every shot. Whether you're aiming for long-range targets or honing in on close-quarters combat, ViperTac has the perfect optic solution for you. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our optics are not only reliable but also equipped with advanced features to enhance your overall performance on the battlefield.

But we don't stop there. ViperTac also stocks a comprehensive range of mounts designed to seamlessly attach these accessories to your gel blaster. Our mounts are engineered with durability and versatility in mind, providing a secure foundation for your sights and scopes. With easy installation and robust construction, our mounts ensure that your optics stay in place, allowing you to maintain focus on your mission.

Sights and Scopes

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M4 CQB Rear Sight
$29.00 $32.00
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