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Silicone Grease - Gel Blaster Maintenance 100% Silicone Grease 100gm Jar - Food Grade

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100% Silicone Grease is the ideal maintenance lubricant for any gel blaster to reduce wear and tear, resulting in better performance & reduces wear & tear on your blaster internals, suitable for gears & o-rings.

This 100 gram lubricant helps to promote smoother internal operation, helping you achieve maximum muzzle velocity and protect your o-rings from premature perishing.

We use & recommend this 100% silicone grease for maintaining the internals on all our blasters, especially the Gas or Co2 powered blaster nozzle system & magazine  o-rings

Nourishes & Rejuvenates O-Rings

Silicone Grease is perfect for the internal action of gel blasters. It’s both a lubricant and an o-ring reJuvenator, ensuring that you get the maximum protection & performance out of your air seals. It also helps to maintain your blaster efficiency throughout its operation.

Versatile Lubrication - 100% food grade non-toxic Silicone's Grease 

This Silicone Grease is a low load, high-viscosity grease that clings to surfaces, making it perfect for parts which move or rotate quickly. The lubricant is particularly well suited to reducing friction between plastic parts or between metal, plastics & rubber seals for GBB pistols, SMGs & Rifles.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Jar Silicone Grease - Gel Blaster Maintenance 100% Silicone Grease 100gm

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