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Element Grease Set for Gel Blasters - Complete Gearbox Lubricant

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Ensure your Gel Blaster operates smoothly and efficiently with our Complete Gearbox Lubricant set, an essential accessory for upgrades or repairs. This comprehensive set includes specialised greases designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your gearbox components.

Gear Grease (Black) This high-viscosity gear grease is engineered to cling to gears even during high-speed rotations. This ensures continuous lubrication, reducing wear and tear, and enhancing the lifespan of your gears.

Bearing Grease (Red) Specially formulated to minimise friction, the bearing grease significantly reduces resistance on the bearings. This results in smoother operation and increased efficiency of your Gel Blaster.

Air-Seal Grease (Transparent) Designed for precision use in the cylinder, on the piston head, and inside the air seal nozzle, this grease ensures optimal sealing. It effectively prevents air leaks, creating the perfect seal for maximum efficiency and performance.


  • Gear Grease (Black): High viscosity, stays on gears during rotation.
  • Bearing Grease (Red): Reduces friction, enhances bearing performance.
  • Air-Seal Grease (Transparent): Ensures airtight seals, maximises efficiency.

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