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Epsilon VG6 Cage - Flash Suppressor - Muzzle Break for HK MP5 SMG Gel Blaster

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The Epsilon VG6 CAGE (Concussion Altering Gas Expansion) Device is the pinnacle of concussion reduction technology. 

The sides of the CAGE utilize a series/pattern of small holes this allows the air to expend energy more uniformly while moving through the porting thus disrupting horizontal concussion AND allowing the muzzle brake to have more time to influence the air escape through all the ports.

these fit over epsilon muzzle flash suppressors* and includes the parts to fit the epsilon muzzle inside the CAGE to complete one full CAGE flash suppressor unit. These look great on HK MP5 and HK MP5Ks.  


  • Material: Highest Quality Stainless Steel
  • Finish: BLACKNITRIDE™ - Matte Black Finish
  • Surface Hardness: 68RC
  • Weight: 1.4oz.

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