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Grenade - M26A2 - Twin Pack Spring Operated Gel grenades

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Gel grenades are essentially a bottle with an internal spring mechanism. When the safety clip is pulled and the lever is released, a sear mechanism is activated and allows three trapdoor-like hatches on the external shell to spread open, followed by the release of three spring-loaded hinged flaps underneath that "flick out" out any gel balls stored within the cavity between the hatches and the flaps, causing a "shower" of gels in all directions.

The gels are loaded in the base of the grenade after resetting the sides and putting the pin back in the lever. 

Gel grenades work with any gels, perfect for old or oversized gels as the grenade does not have any FPS requirements. 

Package Includes:

2 x M26A2 Spring operated gel grenades*

*Note: Colours may differ, some are olive drab, some are black. 

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