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Suppressor KAC 5" QDC/CRS-PRT Style 5.56mm NATO Suppressor with Hop Up System

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This Knight's Armament Company (KAC) 5" QDC/CRS-PRT Style 5.56mm NATO Replica Suppressor is a game-changer in the gel blaster industry, combining a highly-tunable hop up unit and Flash suppressor with a 14mm CCW (Counter Clockwise) thread.

Constructed from CNC alloy, the Suppressor includes a low & high-profile muzzle cap (the high-profile cap adds an extra 1" length if used.

It has 8 different sized tongues (2 installed) and 6 extras to choose from to suit your gel ammunition. Get maximum accuracy and distance with this industry-leading innovation.

Tracer Unit Compatible:

The T238 Nano Lite Tracer unit fits both the 5" & 6" KAC/QDC suppressors. This tracer unit not only ignites glow gels, it is also a flame unit and ignites the water vapour and regular gels to simulate live muzzle flash!*

Package includes:

Your choice of colour; Black / Gold / Green or Purple**

  • 1 x KAC 5" QDC/CRS-PRT Style 5.56mm NATO Replica Suppressor with Hop Up System with Integrated Hop Up 14mm CCW threaded for gel blaster outer barrel attachment
  • 2 x main body parts - Outer heat dissipator and Inner metal tube
  • 1 x Flash Suppressor end cap - to house the flash suppressor for fitting of the suppressor unit - Very unique, and is only available with this suppressor
  • 1 x High profile muzzle cap (adds 1" extra length to become 6")
  • 1 x low profile muzzle cap
  • 1 x Tri-Point Flash Suppressor 14mm CCW threaded hop-up with extra tuning tongues
  • 1 x allen key
  • 2 x grub screws

* Note: T238 Nano Lite Tracer/flame unit is not included and is sold separately.

** Note: All components are the same colour as the outer body.

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