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M97 Hanke Pump Action Shotgun Manual Spring Operated Gel Blaster

Product Description
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*This item is restricted for sale in Queensland only – please see Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping restriction details below.

The M97 Hanke Pump Action Shotgun Manual Spring Operated Gel Blaster is a game-changer in the world of gel blasting. Engineered for excitement and reliability, this gel blaster combines the iconic design of a pump-action shotgun with the thrill of gel blasting, offering an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

Built with precision and durability in mind, the M97 Hanke Gel Blaster boasts a rugged yet lightweight construction, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use during intense gel blasting sessions. Its manual spring operation delivers consistent firing power with each pump, allowing for rapid shots and realistic action.

Designed for maximum control and comfort, the M97 Hanke Gel Blaster features an ergonomic grip and intuitive pump action mechanism, providing users with a responsive and satisfying shooting experience. Whether you're engaging in solo target practice or competitive gel blasting matches, this gel blaster offers unparalleled precision and excitement.


  • Material: Nylon Shell & some metal pats 
  • Full Nylon Construction, with good weight
  • Color: Black color 
  • Size: 67 X 25 X 5 cm
  • Function:  Manual Operation (Pump) No batteries needed
  • Gel size: 7-8mm gel balls
  • Range: Less than 30 meters

Package Includes: 

1 x M97 Gel Blaster
1 x Black & 1 x Red Muzzle End Cap
1 x Safety Glasses

* Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping Restrictions

Gel Blasters are a restricted item in all states and territories of Australia except Queensland. Gel blasters are therefore unable to be purchased from our site by customers residing outside of Queensland. If you reside outside of Queensland and add a gel blaster to your cart it will automatically be blocked and will not allow you to check out.

For further information on the laws regarding gel blasters in your state or territory see the following links: ACT , NSW , VIC , SA , WA , NT , TAS , QLD .

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