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SHS Lightweight Alloy 14 Tooth Piston

Product Description
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Elevate your gel blaster's performance with the SHS Lightweight Alloy Piston featuring a 14-Tooth Ladder design. Crafted from high-quality lightweight alloy, this piston is engineered to deliver enhanced durability, reliability, and performance, making it an essential upgrade for serious gel blaster enthusiasts.

The lightweight alloy construction not only reduces overall weight but also ensures optimal balance and efficiency during operation. This allows for faster cycling and improved responsiveness, resulting in smoother shooting and increased rate of fire.

Featuring a 14-tooth ladder design, this piston offers compatibility with a wide range of gear setups, providing versatility for various gearbox configurations. Whether you're focused on achieving high-speed performance or maximizing power and efficiency, this piston delivers the reliability and consistency needed to excel on the battlefield.

Designed for easy installation, the SHS Lightweight Alloy Piston seamlessly integrates into your gel blaster's gearbox, making it suitable for both experienced technicians and newcomers alike. Simply replace your old or worn piston with this high-quality upgrade to experience improved performance and durability with every shot.

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