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SRC SR4 R.I.S. M4 Full Metal Gen II AEG Gel Blaster Rifle Replica - Black - SR4-RIS-M4-BK

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*This item is restricted for sale in Queensland only – please see Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping restriction details below.

SRC is the newest Gel Blaster Rifle brand on the market. These rifles are very durable and strong! Constructed from a Polymer/Metal Blend makes these blasters a great option for Gelsoft players who want the strength of Metal, but half the weight! These are very solid high-quality blasters and are excellent for new and experienced players. 

The SRC - SR4 R.I.S. M4 Full Metal Gen II AEG Gel Blaster Rifle Replica - Black - SR4-RIS-M4-BK Gelsoft Rifle from SRC has an immaculate finish, is stylish, & aggressive with a Quad Rail Picatinny system Handguard to put accessories on such as a flashlight, DBAL, Laser, Holographic Sights, etc. SRC definitely provides a high-quality product valued well above its price tag. You won't suffer buyer's remorse with this bad boy! 

The sights are a traditional rear peephole and front blade M4 'iron' sights with a detachable 'Carry Handle' Rear Sight Assembly & Triangular Fixed Front Iron Post.

The gearbox is a V2 configuration and is capable of semi-automatic/full-automatic & Safe mode via the fire selector switch.

This gel blaster features a 20mm Quad Rail picatinny system handguard, perfect for attaching a plethora of accessories, such as holographic sights, 3 x magnifiers, scopes, canted sights and flashlights or foregrips. It has a muzzle velocity of 330+ FPS out of the box!

This model is an automatic electric gun (AEG). The battery fits in the buffer tube. The butt plate is designed to be easily removed and replaced without having to take the whole buttstock off each time. 

SRC is one of the market leaders, especially in the Polymer & Metal internals Category and SRC continually invests in improving and developing its gel blaster products. A sensational finish and great solid build quality is what you'll get with this Rifle from SRC.

When you purchase products from ViperTac, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality, reliable product with a 30-day limited warranty and a dedicated experienced team of gel blaster addicts (I mean enthusiasts!) to assist you with what you need.

The SR4 R.I.S. M4 Full Metal Gen II Gelsoft Rifle from SRC has a sophisticated finish and is very stylish and has all the quality you need to make your matches even more amazing and realistic. 

The SRC models are manufactured in Taiwan, which is known to make high quality products. The blaster is made out of Full Metal with a Polymer pistol grip, foregrip & picatinny covers, giving you a more realistic model that is incredibly sturdy and built to last. It will be a gel blaster rifle that will accompany you in your gelsoft matches for much longer! 

The peephole sights are foldable with 2 x apertures to choose from. The stock is retractable with adjustment in up to 5 positions.

This blaster features a V2 style gearbox and is equipped with a fire selector with the following functions, Safe, Semi Auto and Full Automatic

This gel blaster features a 20 / 22mm RIS rail on the top and bottom for you to attach accessories.  


  • Brand: SRC 
  • Model: SR4-PI Light Sport Series AEG Gel Blaster Rifle - Black - SR4-PI-BK
  • Released: June 2023
  • Type: Automatic Electric Gel Blaster (AEG) battery operated
  • Fire Modes: Semi / Full-Auto / Safe
  • Materials: Full Metal
  • Metal outer barrel with flash suppressor (14mm CCW thread)
  • Metal charging handle, dust cover and Polymer/metal blend forward assist
  • Metal trigger, trigger guard, fire-selector, magazine release & bolt release catch
  • 2-piece split metal receiver
  • V2 Reinforced metal gearbox with cast metal gears
  • 18:1 Gear ratio
  • Polymer/Metal Quad Rail 20mm Picatinny System hand guard 
  • Metal flash suppressor
  • CNC Metal fire selector
  • CNC Metal Receiver pins
  • Laser Print on Receiver
  • Metal 6-position buffer tube fitted with a Navy Crane Stock
  • Charging handle opens dust cover
  • Magazine Primer Function: Yes - The Bolt release button is a mag primer
  • Battery Connection: Mini-Tamiya Connector*
  • Outer Barrel Thread: 14mm CCW for external attachments
  • Magazine Capacity:  approximately 250 gel balls
  • Uses 7-8mm gel balls
  • Magazine Types: Suits Gen 8 style magazines. EPM magazines perform particularly well in this blaster. 
  • Hop up - not included - 14mm CCW threaded type is required**
  • Suitable battery: 7.4v / 11.1v with a maximum of 2000mAh*


  • Muzzle Velocity: 330+ Feet per Second


  • Total Length: 705mm 
  • Barrel Length: approximately 225mm
  • Weight: Approx. 1.64kg
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal exterior & Metal internals
  • Hop-up: suitable for 14mm CCW Threaded hopup systems.**
  • Shooting Mode: Safe / Semi-Auto / Full-Auto
  • Magazine Capacity: 240 - 250 gel balls
  • Magazine Type: SRC supplied - Gen 8 compatible
  • Ammunition: 7-8mm Ultra-hard gels recommended (We recommend Donkey Balls Gels / iHobby Ultimate Hardened Formula Gels & Goat Balls Original Formula Gels)
  • Battery Connection: Mini-Tamiya Plug Connection*
  • Battery Type: Suitable for 7.4v or 11.1v use. Maximum of 2000mAh rating*

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SR4 R.I.S M4 Full Metal Gen II AEG Gel Blaster Rifle Replica - Black - SR4-RIS-M4-BK
  • 1 x Magazine (gen 8 type)
  • 1 x Metal black 'bird cage' flash suppressor
  • 1 x Full Size detachable 'Carry Handle' with Iron peephole sights
  • 1 x Foregrip - Black
  • 4 x Picatinny Rail Covers - Black
  • 1 x Cleaning Rod

    * Note: Battery & charger not included, sold separately. CAUTION: Use of batteries with greater than 2000mAh will void warranty. 

    ** Note: Hopup not included. This gel blaster is compatible with all 14mm CCW Threaded hopup systems, sold separately.

    Gel Blaster Purchase and Shipping Restrictions

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    For further information on the laws regarding gel blasters in your state or territory see the following links: ACT , NSW , VIC , SA , WA , NT , TAS , QLD .

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