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Tacbull Frontedge Tactical Pistol Lanyard

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The Tacbull Frontedge Tactical Pistol Lanyard offers the convenience of a snap button and velcro flap to securely tether your pistol onto a belt or MOLLE straps. It is compatible with Tactical or Duty Belts up to 2.25" wide, as well as plate carriers, backpacks, or other platforms using standard MOLLE modular setups. With a tensile strength test of >245 (N), it enables full extension shooting.*

This is the perfect accessory to keep your pistol safe and secure during gameplay and while interchanging between your primary and sidearm. You've most likely spent a lot of hard-earned money on your gel blaster pistol and this will make sure it stays with you on the field, even if you don't holster it properly, which is the single biggest cause of pistol loss during outdoor field games. 

Colour: Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tacbull Frontedge Tactical Pistol Lanyard - Black

* Note: you must have a pre-existing lanyard mount point on your pistol to use this accessory. Please check prior to ordering this item. 

** Note: Photos used for illustrative purposes only, gel blaster pistol not included. 

About Tacbull

Tacbull is a branch brand of Cytac Technology Limited. It was founded by an experienced tactical team of Cytac to meet specific tactical requirements of high-end fabric material equipment for Police, Military, Law enforcement and other tactical professionals.

Tacbull’s mission is to offer the tactical professionals with professional and high-quality fabric products (including nylon and other high-quality products made from fabric materials).

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