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Dynamic Tactical - DYTAC

Dynamic Tactical (DYTAC) Licensed SLR Rifleworks. 

These new versions of the popular SLR are no longer produced by Jing Ji.

DYTAC now produces these superb SLR Gel Blaster Rifles with Full Metal Receivers, Handguards & Buffer Tubes. 

While the receiver looks the same as the nylon version we all know and love, that’s where the similarities stop  it’s an entirely new full metal platform with subtle changes to the look and feel of this far improved version ( the Jing Ji SLR is still a great nylon blaster).

Design Changes:

You can see and feel the improvements, both in quality and re-designed components of the blaster some notable design changes are:

  • pistol grip
  • fore grip
  • buttstock 
  • trigger response - no more sticky triggers!

DYTAC in partnership with SLR Rifleworks & CYMA  selected a proven reliable and robust CYMA Full Metal Gearbox with 18:1 Cast Gears paired with an alloy inner barrel and of course, features Magazine Priming functionality. 

The selection of a CYMA gearbox is an excellent decision, top performance out of the box and easy to get performance gains as this gearbox responds well to aftermarket upgrades and can be converted to HPA using the CYMA Gearbox supplied. 

Being a Licensed SLR Rifleworks product you can take comfort as quality control is excellent. SLR Rifleworks would not permit anything but exceptionally well built great performing Gel Blasters.  These blasters are beautifully finished and extremely sturdy. You get your money’s worth with this blaster. 

Dynamic Tactical - DYTAC

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