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Gel Blaster Hydro Dipping

What is hydro dipping?

Hydro Dipping also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing or hydro imaging is a unique process that allows the application of graphics to almost any three-dimensional object. This produces some psychedelic effects and no two dips will ever look alike. If you would like to truly personalise your blaster hydro dipping is for you!

How long does a hydro dip take?

Hydro dipping will take 7- 14 business days. Steps taken

  1. Blaster preparation (disassembly, clean, and prep for dipping process)

  2. Primer applied

  3. Undercoat applied

  4. Dipped in film of your selection

  5. Two coats of 2K automotive clear (high end automotive finish, highly scratch resistant)

  6. Reassembly and ready to collect

  7. Enjoy!

Price of hydro dipping

From $280 per Blaster (Does not include magazines or accessories)
Each additional accessory (suppressor or magazine) is $60 per item dipped

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