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Double Bell M-56 40mm Green Gas Grenade for use with M203 Gel Grenade Launcher Replica

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Double Bell 40mm Gel Blaster Grenade Replica. This authentic Gel Blaster Grenade is designed for use with the famous M203, Thor or M79 ‘Wombat’ Grenade Launcher models*. Affectionately known as a ‘40 Mike’  These grenades have been in constant service with the Australian and US Military since before Vietnam in the 1960s  They are still in use in recent conflicts including Iraq & Afghanistan  

40mm Green Gas Grenade Replica compatible for Use with M203, M79 ‘Wombat’ or Thor Gel Grenade Launchers

This M-56 40mm CNC Gel Grenade is powered by Green Gas with a capacity of +/-18 gel balls 

Suitable for use with mmost 40mm Gel Grenade Launcher units**

  • Brand: Double Bell 
  • Model: M-56 Gel Grenade (actual size 42mm)
  • Released: January 2022
  • Type: Green Gas Powered
  • Gas Type: 12KG Green Gas
  • Material: Metal
  • Grenade Gel Capacity: Approx +/- 18 Gel Balls (loaded into the grenade gel tubes)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x M-56 40mm CNC Green gas Grenade

* Note: Photos of Double Bell M203 Gel Grenade Launcher used for illustrative purposes only and is not included. Grenade launcher sold separately.

** Note These grenades are not compatible for use with LDT Wargame MGL Milkor 6 x shot grenade launchers.


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