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WADSN MAWL-C1+ IR & Green Laser/Flashlight Unit - Black

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The Modular Advanced Weapon Laser Class 1 (MAWL) is a purpose-built tactical modern sporting/ assault rifle visible laser and IR laser/illuminator. In military or law enforcement configuration, The MAWL-DA (Direct Action) has higher powered IR/Visible Laser modes and are only available to The US Defense Force & US Government Agencies. The MAWL-C1+ (Class 1 refers to the Designated Laser classification) In its C1+ configuration, this is swapped for civilian use with legal US Class 1 type lasers.

The MAWL-C1+ IR & Green Laser/Flashlight Unit combines the illuminating power of a flashlight with the precision of an IR laser and green laser. It is designed for extreme conditions, with an ultra-durable 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body and water-resistant components for enhanced reliability. Able to withstand the harshest of environments including temperatures from -20°Celsius to +50°Celsius, this unit is an ideal choice for military & law enforcement tactical operations.

The MAWL-C1+ IR & Green Laser/Flashlight Unit offers a powerful combination of two LEDs - an infrared light and a green laser - in one device. Designed for a range of tactical activities, this unit is engineered to deliver visibility and precision in any situation. It also features advanced power regulation and thermal management for long-term battery life and performance.

While various competitors also can offer similar maximum capability, the MAWL is purpose-built for short tactical carbines and engagements in a variety of environments. The MAWL is modular and user-configurable for mounting off-set the main top rail to either the right or left with the dual-purpose base pad mounted top center for common tactical grips.

From there, the MAWL features a variety of options for both the visible and infrared (IR) settings including short, mid-range, and long-range IR options with similar settings for the visible green laser. The user selects the range they are looking at through a toggle switch controlling both the visible and IR settings.

The unit is also totally ambidextrous and can be switched from right to left in a matter of seconds (when removed from the picatinny rail).

Operating Instructions:

  • Status indicator light (Orange Light) indicates whether the device is On/Off, which is important when toggled to IR mode
  • “Fire” Button control functions on/off, all function will auto switch off when mode switching using the propellor Selector Cap. The on-board pressure switch default functions are:
    • Fire Button A - Single Press: for “momentary flashlight beam mode”
    • Fire Button A - Double Press: for “constant flashlight beam mode”
    • Fire Button A - Long Hold = laser on/off
    • Fire Button A+B - Single Press together = overrides current mode, and switches off all illumination instantaneously
  • Controls are incredibly intuitive.  Output modes are switched by rotating the front bezel to expose the appropriate emitter. 

    • OFF = all emitters covered
    • VIS = Only Visible Green emitter exposed
    • IR = Only IR Laser Pointer and IR Laser Illuminator emitters exposed
  • Onboard controls include two “fire” buttons (“A” and “B”) that control the illuminator beam divergence and pattern. The beams are pre focused to optimal FOV and power at various power outputs.  Output power control is accomplished with a top-mounted tactile sliding switch.
  • The switch output mode is easy to determine through feel and has three positions for “SHORT,” “MID,” and “LONG” range modes.  This means there is no fumbling through complex dial adjustments around the clock in the dark.  Everything is rapid and effortless!  The beam divergence and output continue to make the MAWL one of the most intuitive and functional lasers available on the market.


  • Constructed of 6061-T6 Type II Anodised Aluminium
  • Ambidextrous modular design, change from Right handed to left handed use by way of a single grub screw, in seconds (when not attached to picatinny rail)
  • Integrated Auxiliary ports to attach a remote switching unit
  • 'Propellor' Cap - the unique propellor cap permits rapid selection of laser/IR laser & Flashlight with one simple movement
  • Fully integrated adjustable 20mm picatinny rail mount clamp
  • High precision Green Dot Laser, IR illuminator & flashlight
  • White LED flashlight with ~90 lumens
  • Remote dual pressure switch on picatinny rail clamp (top-centre)
  • Authentic makers markings & device markings
  • Powered by 1 x CR123A battery (Not included)


  • Major color: Matte black 
  • Material: 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
  • Weight: 287grams
  • Dimension:
  • L 128mm 
  • D 71.2mm 
  • H 50.8mm
  • Laser color: Green
  • Laser output power: <5mW
  • Lumens: 220 lumens
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Battery Type: 1 x CR123A or rechargeable 16340 battery (not included)**

Package Includes:

  • 1 x WADSN MAWL-C1+ IR & Green Laser/Flashlight Unit - Black
  • 1 x Windage/Elevation Adjustment Tool
  • 1 x Instruction sheet

* Note: This device is intended for use with gel blaster toys only. These are non-genuine high-quality replicas and not designed for use with actual firearms. 

** Note: CR123A battery not included, sold separately. We stock CR123A rechargeable batteries with a charger here. 

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