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Aztech Hardened Hybrid Anti Reverse Latch

Product Description
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Elevate the reliability of your gearbox with Aztech Innovations' pioneering Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch. The Achilles' heel of traditional anti-reverse latches is the spring - a conventional torsion spring that, despite its critical role, is doomed to fail over time due to stress and wear.

Aztech Innovations has revolutionized this component by integrating a traditional compression coil spring, renowned for its significantly longer lifespan and enhanced spring rate. This innovation ensures an improved locking mechanism, setting a new benchmark in gearbox performance.

Crafted through precision CNC milling from SS440 steel and subsequently hardened, this hybrid latch is built to last. Its design features a custom compression spring securely bonded into the latch's rear, ensuring unparalleled durability and function.

The latch boasts a wider contact surface, providing increased engagement with the bevel gear's lock surface. This enhancement not only improves longevity but also bolsters reliability, ensuring your gearbox operates smoothly under any condition. Installation is a breeze, thanks to a flat head cut on the pin, allowing for straightforward installation with just a flat head screwdriver.

Please note however, that the Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch is not compatible with Retro Arms gearboxes due to a mismatch in the pole size required for the spring seating.

With Aztech Innovations' Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch, you're not just replacing a part; you're upgrading to a new era of gearbox reliability and performance.

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