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Elcan Specter DR 1-4x Magnifier Scope & Red Dot Holographic Sight Replica - Tan

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1x - 4x Zoom rapid sight acquisition Elcan Dual Role (DR) Specter scope & RMR Red Dot Sight replica set with storage pouch*

This is an excellent quality full metal Replica scope of the famous ELCAN "Specter Dual Role (DR)" which has an integrated magnification capability from 1x - 4 x zoom at the flick of a switch. This is a very well known sighting system, made famous by US Navy SEALs. The Elcan Specter DR is most often seen on the Minimi 5.56mm Light Machine Gun, and on the Stoner M110 Designated Sniper Rifle (DSR).

This Elcan Specter Dual Role (DR) sight is a Hybrid sight incorporating the best features of a rifle scope & Red Dot Reticle Sight which provides the user with the best of both worlds. The Elcan Specter is a very unique sight/scope platform, it's very easy to use. For CQB missions, the acquisition compared to regular magnified rifle scopes. 

Included is a Red Dot Sight for CQB situations. The red dot sight is mounted on the upper part of the scope with a dedicated mount.*

Switch between 1x and 4x magnification by operating the lever on the left side to cover short to medium distances. 

The Elcan Specter DR Scope is equipped with a light-emitting reticle. This reticle is easy to see even in the dark. To illuminate the sight a DL 1/3 N Lithium button battery* is required. Illumination is not necessary to use the Target MOA, when not illuminated it is visible as it is etched in Black.   

For long distance targets use the 1x-4x scope, then quickly switch to the RMR Red Dot for those close engagements.

A dedicated tactical carry case is included and has a molle system providing the capability to attach it to a Chest Rig or a Tactical Vest or belt. On the Elcan DR Specter the battery case lid is connected to the main body with a wire to prevent loss.


  • 1 - 4 x Zoom capability - Rapid zoom with the lever on the Elcan which instantly goes from 1 x magnification to 4 x magnification (or vice versa with the quick flick lever) This is a massive difference compared to most red dot sights
  • Length: 148mm 
  • Width: 72mm 
  • Height (no RMR) 65mm 
  • Height (with RMR) 96mm*
  • Weight: Approximately 666g

Power Source:

Battery:  1x-4x Scope - 1 x DL 1/3 N Lithium button battery*
RMR Red Dot Sight - 1 x CR2032 Lithium button battery

Package includes:

1 x Elcan DR Specter - Tan*
1 x RMR Reticle Sight*
1 x Cordura tactical carry pouch

1 x CR2032 battery - for the Red Dot RMR*


* Note: DL 1/3 N Lithium Battery (for illumination of the Primary optic Sight MOA) is not included. 

** Note: Images used for illustrative purposes only. Some markings may differ slightly on actual Elcan DR Specter. 

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